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photo (2)I can’t remember if I mentioned it here or not, and frankly I’m too lazy to go back and look but in October I suddenly and unexpectedly lost my job. I first began working at FlamingoWorld while living in Las Vegas. Meagan was in elementary school when we lived there, remember? She’s half way through her second year of college now.

It started off as very part time, and there were a couple of short lapses in time where I did other things, but basically, I’d been there in one way or another for almost 10 years. I loved my job. I was one of the few who were lucky enough to count their boss as a friend. I got along with my co-workers (well there was that one that I didn’t like so much – lol). I loved the freedom and flexibility that working from home gave me. Yes, there were some downsides to it too – like the lack of face to face contact with people, but basically, it was the perfect gig for me. I miss it, and the comfortable routine of my day and week, but it is what it is.

When I lost my job I was faced with a decision of what to do next. I contemplated going back to work, but soon found that my job was so specialized that finding new employment wasn’t as easy as I thought it was going to be. It became painfully obvious that I was going to have to go into an entirely new direction if I was going to go back into the workplace.

So, I’ve enrolled back in school. Classes started three weeks ago. This is a new kind of busy for me. It’s taking a little getting used to, but it’s going well so far. I’m trying to embrace change. This isn’t the plan that I had in store for myself but  in the end everything will work out as it’s supposed to. It always does.




Dec 2013 iPhone 299 Dec 2013 iPhone 298

Alex and Charlotte (can you believe they are THREE now?!?!) spent the day with us. The kids all made pizzas with Grandma and spent the afternoon playing together. It’s so fun to watch them form relationships with each other as they get older. Gone are the days where they hung out with the grown ups during get-togethers. Now they run into one of their bedrooms and spend whatever time we’re together playing contently amongst themselves.

Dec 2013 iPhone 301

Operation Christmas Child

Dec 2013 iPhone 134

Annie’s Girl Scout Troop participated in Operation Christmas Child. As a troop they gathered and put together Christmas Gift boxes for children in other countries that have very little of their own items. The boxes included small toys, hygiene items, new socks and other small items that they might need.

Dec 2013 iPhone 133


Dec 2013 iPhone 059

Now that winter has set in we’re always looking for things to do to keep us all occupied. Annie participated in a 4 week basketball fundamentals clinic. She seemed to enjoy herself and is interested in signing up for In-House basketball when she’s old enough. Our new school district doesn’t offer a lot of programs for kindergarten age kids, so we’re kind of stuck filling in with what we can find over the winter.

Dec 2013 iPhone 058 Dec 2013 iPhone 057

Back to School

sept batch2 003

And just like that summer was over. We loaded up the Trailblazer and took Meagan back to school.

sept batch2 002

Meagan started the year living on the Minneapolis campus in Samford Hall, but soon realized that she was happier on the St. Paul campus where she lived last year. Right after Thanksgiving break, we moved her back to the St. Paul side back into Bailey Hall.

sept batch2 021

Apple Orchard/Pumpkin Patch

Dec 2013 iPhone 031

Dec 2013 iPhone 032 Dec 2013 iPhone 030 Dec 2013 iPhone 029 Dec 2013 iPhone 026 Dec 2013 iPhone 023 Dec 2013 iPhone 022

Color Dash



Dec 2013 iPhone 006

Kristy, Andrea and Me

We completed our first 5K race. Our only goal was to finish before the big color explosion at the end and to not be the last ones to cross the finish line. We met both of our goals and are looking forward to our next “race” in April.

Dec 2013 iPhone 010


Dec 2013 iPhone 011

Dec 2013 iPhone 012


Dec 2013 iPhone 013 Dec 2013 iPhone 014 Dec 2013 iPhone 015

Dec 2013 iPhone 016

6th Birthday Party – Rainbow Art Party

It’s been a while since I’ve checked in here. I have a lot of catching up to do. So, I’ll start where I left off and go from there. I uploaded my 500+ iPhone pictures to the computer today, so I should have a few things to write about. 🙂

Birthday 145

This was the year of the Rainbow Art Party. Annie decided on her theme MONTHS ago (honestly, it was shortly after her 5th birthday) and had been anxiously awaiting the big day.

Birthday 148

We had rainbow themed food and drinks, rainbow themed art projects and rainbow decor. Birthday 149 Birthday 150 Birthday 152 Birthday 153 Birthday 155 Birthday 156 Birthday 158 Birthday 159 Birthday 162 Birthday 172 Birthday 174 Birthday 181 Birthday 198 Birthday 199 Birthday 205 Birthday 207 Birthday 225 Birthday 235I think all of the kids had fun. Annie proclaimed it her best birthday ever. But, she did the same after her last birthday party as well.







She loves school and making new friends.


6 years 018Alex

She is carefree and silly and so funny.

6 years 024 editAlex


She loves dancing and music and rainbows.

6 years 031Alex

And today she turns six.

Kindergarten, here she comes!

The day has finally arrived. She’s been looking forward to starting kindergarten ALL summer.  First Day

Last night was the return of bedtimes and routines. I was a little worried that she would be resistant to going to bed earlier again, but she flew into bed and fell right to sleep. She was up several times during the night to tell me how excited she was, and to see how many more hours she had before it was time to get up.  This girl is READY for school.


Our town has all day kindergarten which I know is not the norm for most places. The daily schedule is a little longer than last year, but I have no doubt that she’ll do great. As excited as I was to send her off to school this morning I am very excited to pick her up so I can hear all about her day. 


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