>Have you met my daughter, Grace?

>Meagan has never been what we would call um, graceful. In 5th grade there was the battle that Meagan lost with the glass bottle. Meagan ended up with quite a few stitches in her shin and eventually a really lovely scar.


A few weeks-maybe a month later there was the fight with the pogo stick in which Meagan was again on the losing end. A broken arm was the end result that time.

There have been several other mishaps as the years have gone on. This week, Meagan is getting ready for her first formal dance. You know- the dress, the shoes, nails painted. The complete package.

This morning started like any other day. Everyone was up and getting ready, Meagan headed out to catch the bus for school. A few minutes later I see her walking home with a couple friends-blood running down her leg.

Grace, I mean Meagan, has managed to damage herself yet again. She ended up with a nice size gash in her leg. The gash itself isn’t big, but it’s very deep. It probably could have done with a couple stitches. But no, Miss Graceful wanted to slap a band-aid on and head off to school. Stitches would look bad in the pictures-but the battle scars of her most recent days will look just fine. At least her toe nails are painted, right? (Insert eye rolling here.)




So, this weekend when you see her all dressed up in her dress, please ignore the several cuts, scrapes, and bruises all over her legs. Hopefully she’ll make it home in one piece.

Maybe I’ll take all her pictures from the neck up. I was practicing tonight.




1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Tanya
    May 13, 2008 @ 22:05:00

    >Dare I say it….."Like daughter, like mother". 😉


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