>It was exactly as I expected.

>Tonight was Meagan’s band concert. It was also the choir concert. I knew going into it that I was going to end up mad because people just do not know how to behave. I was shocked and appalled during the Christmas concert and decided that I was going to use my camera tonight to document the rudeness that I witnessed. Unfortunately tonight my expectations were met. WHY can’t people do the right thing and just sit, be quiet and watch the KIDS?

So, here is a little glimpse into a night at a Corpus Christi Jr. High event.


This is the choir. Meagan isn’t involved in the choir. But Joe, Annie and I sat there and watched quietly. We clapped when appropriate and we didn’t chat with each other, didn’t stand up and stretch, Annie didn’t scream and we didn’t go get cake. You know, typical stuff you would expect that an adult would know was acceptable behavior. See that couple sitting in front of us in the blue t-shirts? We’ll meet them a little later. They put on a good show. Very classy indeed.

Cake and drinks are served AFTER the choir and band performs. It is announced several times to PLEASE stay seated and not come to the table and take refreshments while the kids are on stage. Apparently the other kids and parents were talking while these announcements were made. The same thing happened at the Christmas concert. If *I* was in charge-there would be no damn cake.



The amount of talking was unreal. Honestly, there were times that the noise from the audience was just as loud if not louder than the choir. Let me introduce you to a couple of the rude chatterboxes:

The principal. She talked the entire time. I think she was trying to get her hands on some cake.

The PTA President (in black) and another member of the PTA. Their kids must have been in choir because they only talked during the band performances.


These are some random people sitting behind us. Up walking around, talking, getting cake-you know typical stuff that happens when YOUR KIDS are trying to put on a end of the year concert for you. And you wonder why 99% of the kids in Meagan’s school don’t know how to shut up and listen.


I don’t even have words for this one. Ok, I do RUDE! RUDE! RUDE!


And here we are…the blue t-shirt couple. Nothing says parents of the year more than making out at your kids school function. I’m not kidding, they were kissing, hugging, rubbing backs for a pretty good chunk of time. I told you-CLASSY!!!

What? You think I’m making this stuff up? Here is a 30 second video that I took of the band director waiting for the audience to SHUT UP so he could start. This is only a 30 second clip that I took-it went on for probably a little over a minute. The baby screaming is not my baby. Annie was actually very good. She sat there and watched the whole time. How could she not? It was nothing short of a freak show happening right in front of her eyes.

The night ended with Meagan’s band playing. Here she is. She’s the clarinet in the first chair.


All of the excitement finally wore Annie out. I can’t believe she was able to sleep through the chaos.


Be thankful that I didn’t start snapping pictures of the boy that started barfing all over the stage during the awards presentation. Did he have the sense to GET OFF THE STAGE? No. He sat there puking his guts out and when he was finished he casually walked off with a snotty little grin on his face.

I have never in my life witnessed the things that I have seen in the 2 concerts I have attended at this school. I was embarrassed to be sitting among those people out of fear that someone would think that I was behaving in such a manner. Completely unacceptable-in my opinion. But, I’m not surprised. It’s just the most recent of the crap that I see down here on a day to day basis. And people wonder why kids are so rude these days. Look who/what they have as their examples. Those parents should be ashamed of themselves.

Ending on a happy note….my girls tonight before all this madness started.


Now, who wants cake?


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tasha
    May 15, 2008 @ 13:06:00

    >Wow, I'm so sorry you and the kids had to deal with that. Its so rude.Your girls are just beautiful!


  2. Tanya
    May 16, 2008 @ 13:07:00

    >So, aren't you happy you were raised in the midwest where adults are respectful at that sort of gathering. I would have been disgusted, too.


  3. alfabravocharlie
    May 17, 2008 @ 23:36:00

    >i love your new website, keep being honest! If you're not honest then what are you?! :)Love, Mike


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