>The Long and Winding Road

>I know, I know. I’ve been gone too long. We’ve been really busy. This time I’ve got a few pictures to share.



We’ve packed up and left Texas. Meagan has decided that we are not allowed to tell Annie that she was born in Texas. She feels like this will be a life long stigma that Annie will have to overcome. It’s going to be hard to deny it when Annie looks at her birth certificate and in big bold letters it says Corpus Christi Texas. Meagan has suggested Photoshop. Hey, it might work!


Annie spent a lot of time like this in the back of the car. I was afraid that she would have a hard time with the trip but she did better than I expected. She lasted about 3 hours at a time and then had to get out of the car for a little break.


Joe got tired too, so he let Annie drive the moving truck. Meagan was a little pissed. She’s currently spending her days asking me if/when she can drive. She’ll be taking drivers training and getting her permit sometime this year. I think I’ll start looking in to supplimental life insurance now. Remember…Meagan is a WEE bit accident prone.

Do you remember the post from a couple months ago? The one right before Meagan’s 8th grade formal and she tripped and fell over her own two feet? Well, she’s outdone herself this time. Behold. This is what happens when Meagan rides a dirtbike designed for an 8 year old.



I’ve never claimed she was graceful. She likes to make sure to remind me every chance she gets. She’s limping around here, but she’s fine. No broken bones or anything like that. Just a couple bruises and a lot of road rash. That’s my girl!!


Annie is still in love with Meagan. Today Meagan was helping me by keeping an eye on Annie while I worked. Annie laid in this chair for close to an hour today. She was awake and quiet-just sitting with Meagan. Eventually she fell asleep. It was really sweet.


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  1. Tasha
    Jul 19, 2008 @ 20:09:00

    >Yay!! You are back, I sure have missed you! Email me when you get a chance.Annie and Meaghan are so cute!!! Good luck on the whole driving thing, its pretty scary, I've gone through 2 little brothers, and both times I felt like my dad again…lol


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