>There’s No Stopping Her Now!

>Stairs are fun. They are even more fun if you think someone is chasing you are going up the stairs because you think you are getting away with something.

Twice a day Annie gets to crawl up the stairs. Before her nap and before bed. You’d think she’s hate climbing the stairs for that reason alone, but no. Apparently it’s loads of fun.


I will add that at the top of the stairs Annie’s room is to the right. Notice she took off to the left right into Meagan’s room? She thinks she’s sneaky. Little does she know that I couldn’t care less if she sleeps in Meagan’s room. Meagan is the one I think might have a problem with it.

Annie has a new love of babies. She seems to love them. I know it looks like she’s being horrible and poking her eyes out with her dagger fingers, but really-it’s love.



She has another baby that I picked up for her a couple days ago. It’s smaller than the one in these pictures. She’s already “loved” it so much that it’s head is about to fall off. Oops. Nothing like traumatizing a 1 year old by having the head of her baby flop off and go rolling across the floor.


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