>Hello? Is this thing on?

>I know. I’ve been missing. It’s been one of those weeks where I feel like I’m running in a million directions and then the wind comes along and blows me right back to where I started. Oh yeah, that really did happen (the wind)-on Sunday. I’ll get to that in a minute.

I’ll do my best to update what we’ve been doing this week. I’ll try and be all Mary Sunshine about it, but really-it’s been a crappy week. Here’s hoping that this week will be much better.

We’ll start with the best part of last week. NKOTB. It was awesome. Meagan and I went to the concert with my boss, her husband and their two kids. I work online, from home. I know some will find this hard to believe but in the oh….5 years or so that I’ve known my boss (I haven’t worked for her the whole time) we’ve never met. Yes, we chat often online but face to face? It’s never happened. I know, weird right! So, we met for the first time at her house before heading to the concert. It was so much fun and I’m so glad that we had the opportunity to go. It was awesome. Meagan had a blast too.








Despite the not so great pictures from my camera, Connie scored us awesome seats. It was a late night and Meagan and I didn’t get home until the wee hours of the morning. Totally worth it though even though we were seriously dragging the next morning.

Wednesday morning Annie decided to get sick. It’s been a week of trying to figure out what is wrong with her. We’ve been to the Dr. a couple of times, once again diagnosed with a “viral infection”. Those that remember last years ordeal with trying to figure out what her mystery illness was will be glad to know that the very FIRST thing I had them test for was mono. Negative. She has a couple possiblilites of what the official diagnosis could be-but the one thing we know for sure, Roseola. She is now covered head to toe in rash. She’s been miserable (and in turn making all of us miserable) but things finally seem to be turning around for her. As soon as she is healthy enough-flu shots for everyone. I’m NOT doing that again this year.

Sunday morning brought us this:




Awesome. The wind was literally whipping everywhere. We had some stuff in the back yard blow over, I had some errands to run and literally could not breathe when outside the wind was so strong. It was COLD too. Most of the snow was melted by the next morning, but seriously. Snow in October? It isn’t even Halloween yet. That is early even for MN standards. By the time the snow stopped the grass was totally covered. The entire yard was white, without a shred of green to be seen. It was pretty, but way to early. Halloween blizzard 1991 ring a bell for anyone?

Speaking of Halloween Blizzard-my baby sister is turning 17 years old very soon. I can’t believe it. She’s an awesome kid and I miss her tons. I can’t believe she’s going to be 17. It just doesn’t seem like it’s been that long.

Meagan is doing well. We had parent/teacher conferences on Monday and I got nothing but glowing reports from her teachers. She’s on the A honor roll. I got the distinct impression that I was not the parent that some of those teachers were hoping would show up. There just wasn’t a lot to say or talk about-Meagan’s doing great, a nice kid, pleasure to have in class-you know the drill. She’s a rockstar. Plain and simple.

We are getting ready for Halloween this week. Annie’s costume is here and ready for her to model for all of you. It’s cute-wait and see. Meagan is going to a party with some kids from school so I guess that leaves me and Joe home with the munchkin answering the door. I don’t think we’ll get many kids. In fact, I think we’ll head over to my friends house and see what excitement we can find over there.

So…that’t the update from this end. Hopefully the next couple of days find everyone getting healthy and putting the bad parts of last week behind us.

Oh, and will someone please remind me to send lunch money to school with Meagan tomororw. I know I’m going to forget. 🙂


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tanya
    Oct 29, 2008 @ 17:09:00

    >Oh ya, I remember that ice storm on Halloween back in '91. We were without electricity for two days. That was a doozy.Glad you had fun at the concert!


  2. Kyla
    Oct 30, 2008 @ 04:35:00

    >Don't forget Meagan's lunch money.


  3. Kristin
    Oct 30, 2008 @ 08:32:00

    >Hey thanks Kyla, considering tomorrow is Thursday and all. I did remember while I was driving her to school on Monday morning. Perfect.


  4. Tanya
    Oct 30, 2008 @ 21:09:00

    >I bet I can figure out where you live by this pic….


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