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>So, we officially have a walker. The video that I shared a few weeks ago was apparently a trick. It was a one time deal-she took a few steps and then we never saw it again.

Last week Annie decided one day that she was going to walk. And that was that. There’s no turning back now. She’s exhausting. She does her drunk Frankenstein walk all through the house leaving nothing but a path of destruction in her wake. A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Well…here are a couple small glimpses of what is, Hurricane Annie.

Sitting so nice-don’t believe it for a second.

We stand up, sit down, jump around, and try to flip over the back. Catch me if you can! (But you can’t. This girl moves with a quickness!) 🙂





Stop for a quick little ditty of “No more monkeys jumping on the chair!”

And a little later the same day it-pretty much the same scenario, different rooms of the house.

This isn’t the best picture, but it’s Annie’s newest face. It can mean, “Uh-oh!” It can mean “Oooooh, just TRY and stop me!” It can also mean, “HA! I’ve got the remote for the TV!”

(Notice the toys all put away in the bin behind her?)

Literally a couple minutes later:

Moving to the kitchen. Heeeeeeere kitty kitty kitty!

Again with the face. The dog food is right behind me and that stuff is like a baby magnet.

Just a quick second to rest for the long trip back to the living room.

Oh look, it’s Charlie!
Now, Charlie doesn’t particularly like Annie. In fact, it is safe to say that he dislikes her. A lot. However, from early on he decided that he must be close to her at all times-but under no circumstance is it ever Ok for Annie to touch Charlie. Nope, he’ll have none of that. I think he is subscribing to the whole thought of, “Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.” He rarely lets her out of his sight. Can’t say as I blame him.


Ignore the curtains. One member of this family thinks they were made for her very own version of hide and seek. And because I’m not really interested in fixing curtains and/or rods pulled down from the wall-it’s just easier to tuck them behind something no matter how stupid it looks.

And some wonder why I am seriously considering skipping the whole Christmas tree thing this year. Can you imagine!


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  1. Tanya
    Nov 25, 2008 @ 04:15:00

    >Oh ya, we've done the curtain thing, too. And this year we put the Christmas tree on top of an end table. So far so good.Ya, um, you know Kris, you used to make that same face every time you would come up with some naughty, rebellious plan. Like mother, like daughter.


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