>Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

>I’m pretty sure Annie was the only one partaking in the St. Patrick’s Day festivities around our house today. Actually, if I’m being 100% honest, I don’t remember what Meagan was wearing, so it is possible that she was wearing green. I guess once I stop picking out their clothes I don’t really notice unless it’s something that really stands out. Like Meagan wearing a tank top last weekend. Yes, it was 50ish degrees outside, but a tank top? Seriously?

I didn’t pick up a specific St. Paddy’s Day shirt for Annie this year. I knew that I had the shirt that she wore last year hanging in her closet. Something told me that it would still fit. While it was a tad on the short side and I kind of had to stretch the boundries of what I think “fits” – it worked for a shirt that you only wear one day out of the year and would be hanging around the house.

March 18, 2008 (6 months old – this shirt is a size 6-12 months.)



March 17, 2009 (18 months old – same shirt.)



The finger in the air thing in the above pictures…that would be Annie’s version of “rocking out”. She puts her fingers up, nods her head up and down and totally jams to whatever music happens to be playing.

Some know that Meagan has applied for a summer volunteer program at the MN Zoo. The process was quite extensive. Meagan found the information, filled out the application and wrote her essay. She also had to get a letter of recomendation from one of her teachers to submit with her application. She submitted her application about a month ago and waited for some news from them. She made the first cut and last week headed up to the zoo for the face to face interview portion. There were 25-30 open spots and 60-70 applicants that made it to the interview portion. This afternoon Meagan was notfied that she was accepted into the program. She will be spending a few weeks with Mike and Angie this summer and volunteering at the zoo. I’m really proud of her. She wanted this bad, and made it happen. If I don’t say it enough, she really is an awesome kid. Mid term grades came out this week, and she’s holding steady on the “A” honor roll. Woop woop!


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