>Quick update.

>Things are a little busy around here. The camera has not left it’s spot on my desk, so I don’t have any new pictures. Sorry.

Meagan is leaving tomorrow morning to spend 2 weeks with Mike and Angie. She was selected for a volunteer program at the zoo and Mike and Angie are nice enough to give her a place to crash. She’s really excited and I’m sure she’ll have a ton of fun.

Annie is doing well. She still has speech and OT every week. Her “school” is out for the summer, and will start again in the fall.

Joe hurt himself on Thursday night. He fell and dislocated his shoulder. He landed himself in the ER but eventually came home in an arm immobilizer and with a hefty pain medication Rx. He’ll meet with the Dr. next week to see if he did any other damage to his arm/shoulder and what the next step might be. He’s out of work for a while until he has use of that arm again. Of course, this happened to his right arm. He’s hanging in there though, and doing well.

Me…I’m fine. The rest of the family is keeping me on my toes so I’m doing all I can to remain healty and in one piece.


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