>Time Out.

>I was looking for a cheap weed eater this weekend. While my search left me empty handed, I did come across this little stool for $2. It was in rough shape, the legs were a little loose, the leather was cracked-it had seen better days. But I decided to bring it home to see if Meagan and I could clean it up and make it work for us.

We took the legs off and painted them.

Recovered the seat and put it all back together. Not a huge or difficult project, but it was one I got done without any major trouble. That is always a success in my opinion.

So, do you think Annie is going to like her new “time out” stool? 🙂


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Susan
    Aug 24, 2009 @ 04:03:34

    >She actually sits in time out? WOW! You are a better mother than me!


  2. Tanya
    Aug 24, 2009 @ 16:01:27

    >Well, I like it.


  3. plainmama
    Aug 30, 2009 @ 18:15:11

    >You are so crafty and creative! I love the colors and fabric you chose! Matt and his mom still talk about his "golden chair" where time outs occurred. I think Annie will always remember the "pear chair". You better hold onto that baby for when she has her own tots to time out!


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