>Back to School

>Labor Day has come and gone and that means one thing in Minnesota. It’s back to school time. Meagan is a sophomore in high school this year. I’m pretty sure she thinks that she’s too old for back to school pictures-she slipped right out the door before I could grab my camera. She doesn’t know me that well-Joe was waiting for her, camera in hand as she arrived home from school.

Even though Meagan turned 16 last week, she isn’t eligible to take her drivers license test until the end of October. She has to have had her learners permit for at least six months. So for now, she rides the big yellow limo. She LOVES it! 🙂

Annie is enrolled in a toddler class once a week. She loves kids and is looking forward to starting back next week and seeing her friends from last year. We’ve decided to stop her speech therapy for now. She is progressing and we will continue to work with her on our own here at home. I am happy to report that she seems to have overcome a lot of her sensory issues and is doing wonderfully. She’s really made great strides this summer.

Tonight we went on a Fall Fun Walk with our area ECFE program. They set up little stations along a walking path. Annie started out good, but once we hit the bubble station, she decided that she didn’t want to walk any farther.

We spotted this little guy (or girl?) while we were out too.

So, life is getting back to some kind of normal around here. It was a very busy summer with lots going on. I’m very much looking forward to a everything slowing down and getting back on schedule.


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