>First things first. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOE!! We are getting ready for a pretty big snowstorm, so this won’t be his most exciting birthday, but at least he is home and doesn’t have to work today. That’s always a bonus.

This is “Take 2” of Annie’s visit with Santa. The first trip involved Annie walking very slowly towards the Big Man in Red. Upon reaching his outstretched hand she quick grabbed the candy cane while simultaneously turning and running away as fast as she could. She loves Santa from a distance, but isn’t so sure up close and personal. Today Joe took Annie. It went better.

Joe and I will be spending Christmas at home this year with the girls. Word on the street is that we are in for a pretty decent snow storm. I suppose it is better that we don’t have any travel plans. We will be heading to my Grandpa’s house on New Year’s Day for the annual family get together. That is always fun, and it’s nice to see everyone.

We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2010.


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