>It’s Prom time!

Meagan and her date Nick, all dressed up.

The obligatory posed pictures that they were both thrilled humoring me to pose for. Of course Annie had to jump in. She loves her sister.

I’m pretty sure Nick was saying something like, “Just smile and let’s get this over with.” šŸ˜‰

After pictures at our house they headed out and we met up with them later at the school for Grand March.

This little bug is sick. She went to the Dr. last week and has pneumonia. She’s on antibiotics and is feeling a little better, but she tires out easily which is so unlike her. It is days like today where I wish I could be two places at once. Joe is at work, and I needed to be at the school, but didn’t want to have her out long. We headed out quick to see Meagan, and then came right home.

Annie found the best seat in the house. She laid on the floor as all the girls and their dates walked by parade style. She’d look back at me and tell me who she thought looked pretty, who looked like a princess, and in true 2 year old without a filter fashion, would also tell me “I don’t like it.” Ugh.

And yes…she had a wardrobe change in the hour between pictures at our house and heading to the school. Apparently dresses make a good kleenex when you are 2. Yuck.

Before the parade started Annie spotted one of Meagan’s friends (Sarah) sitting across from us. She went back and forth between me and her while we waited. Next to Sarah is the youth leader couple from Meagan’s youth group. Meagan will be traveling with them, and the youth group, this summer to Colorado. Unfortunately, this trip is at the same time as our family reunion in Michigan so she won’t be attending the reunion.

Grand March lasted a little less than an hour. My pictures didn’t turn out at all. I’m not sure what happened other than I was trying to keep Annie from running to Meagan and attempting to snap a picture at the same time. All my pictures were super blurry. (Again, this would have been a good time to have the ability to clone myself.) This was right before we left and you can tell Annie doesn’t feel good.

We left Meagan-she went to dinner with her friends and then I assume will be partying it up for the rest of the night. I won’t see her until the wee hours of the morning. I hope she has a good time.


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  1. kadiechrome
    Apr 26, 2010 @ 13:05:37

    >Poor Annie bug. I can totally empathize with her. :(Meagan looks beautiful, as usual. You must be one proud mama. :)And oh, by the way…family reunion in Michigan? Um, chello. When and where? And how can I make a minor get together happen?Katie


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