Checking in for a minute. Lazy days of summer you say? I wish.

My Mom has moved back from Texas to Minnesota. I’m so thankful to have her close to us again.

Summer session is in full swing for me at school. I’m taking 3 classes and they are keeping me very very busy. I’ll be done with all of them by mid July and hopefully thngs will calm down a little bit then and I’ll have more time to keep this updated.

Meagan has finished the 10th grade. She is on the flag team and has most of her summer weekends full with parades here in southern Minnesota. She’s also working at Arby’s. Between the two, she is very busy.

Annie is loving life right now. Grandma came and picked her up on Wednesday to spend a few days together. They are visiting the park, the Farmer’s Market, Mall of America, eating lunch with the American Girl Dolls…all the things that Annie loves to do. This is the first time that Annie has been away from home. It’s so quiet around here without here. I’m sure my Mom is exhausted-but from the pictures I’ve been getting it looks like they are having a good time.

I hope the start to everyone’s summer has been good. I’ll catch up with you again when I can.


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