When I think back on events from my childhood there are certain details that stand out in my mind. Some memories are more vivid than others, some are minor snippits that make me smile when I play back those moments in my mind. Of course it’s easy to recall the birthday parties and the vacations across country, trips to Disneyland and weeks at summer camp; but it’s those easy to forget, little details that I hope stay with me forever.

The fishing trips with my Grandpa-we always stopped at the gas station on our way out of town and he always produced a yellow pack of peanut M&M’s to eat while we listened to the baseball game on the radio. If my brother was with us, one of us had to be careful to keep our leg out of the way of the truck’s stick shift, and our knee out of the way of the tight squeeze of Grandpa’s hand. 🙂 I remember sleeping over at my Grandparent’s house and wearing Grandpa’s soft white oversized T-shirts as pajamas and eating vanilla ice cream slathered with Hershey’s syrup and roasted peanuts. Those are the small details that always make me smile.

As I’ve mentioned, my Mom has returned home from Texas. I’ve said how happy I am to have her close to us again. Now that she is back, she has taken Annie a couple of times to spend a few days at a time alone with Grandma. This is not only a welcome break for me, but it makes my heart happy when I see the pictures of the things they are doing, the time they are spending together, and the memories that are being made with my youngest girl. It makes me smile.

I’m glad you’re home Mom.


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  1. kadiechrome
    Jun 23, 2010 @ 20:03:16

    >I'm glad she's home, too!!-Katie


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