>Sunday nights Annie and I can usually be found home entertaining ourselves. Joe and Meagan are both off at work and we find things to keep ourselves busy. Tonight was no exception.

We started by heading to the $1 store to pick up some craft supplies. While I am not a creative person myself, if I see something I like, I can usually do a decent job of replicating what I see. Recently I’ve been reading holiday decorating blogs for ideas of things to do CHEAP. Hey…who doesn’t like cheap? I’ve come up with blatantly stolen a few ideas that we’re going to attempt. Our Thanksgiving project is done-I’ll share that later in the week. Next up, CHRISTMAS! I can’t wait to pull out our Christmas decorations. I’m actually really looking forward to it this year. Annie is talking more and more about Santa and reindeer and is really excited for what’s to come. We’ve got some great holiday activities planned with my Mom and Meagan and Annie is the perfect age to really be amazed by it all.

Anyway. Back to tonight –

We did some arts and crafts and then ate dinner. During dinner Annie complimented me on my ability to make CUTE soup. Who would have known that soup could be cute? Whatever…it’s a compliment. I’ll take it.

I’ve been waiting for the AMA awards ever since I heard that New Kids on the Block were going to be performing. I admit…I’m still a fan. Always will be.

Annie on the other hand is a Justin Bieber fan. Actually, she’s just a fan of dancing these days. So every time a performer was on we did some of this:

Annie busting a move to Enrique Iglesias

Excuse the blurry pictures. Not only am I not a photographer, these were taken with my phone AND of a twirling 3 year old. Let’s see YOU get a clear picture. 🙂

After some dancing we were obviously ravished again so Annie went ahead and set up a picnic for the two of us.

Let me tell you, she makes a mean wooden green pepper and tomato. After being properly refueled we were then able to care for the Zhu Zhu pets.

Other than the Thanksgiving craft (which took about 10 minutes total), I’m not kidding when I say these picture depict an approximate 30 minute span of time – and do not include us playing “catch”, playing with the dog, putting together a board puzzle or coloring on the chalk board . Annie is all over the place and always moving and busy. She talks constantly and is always asking questions and keeping us on our toes. But, I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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