First, let me start by wishing my brother a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Annie is in bed, Joe is at work, and Meagan is at prom which means I’ve got a quiet house to myself. Pure bliss, I tell ya!

Annie and I went to watch Meagan and her friends at Grand March for prom this afternoon. A trail of paper stars marked the path the dressed up kids would walk. While waiting, Annie practiced and proclaimed, “I want to be in the princess dress parade too!”
There were a lot of kids to watch. Meagan was towards the back end of the parade. Poor Annie tried her hardest but just couldn’t stay awake. By the time Meagan got to where we were waiting, she had fallen asleep. She didn’t get to see Meagan and her friends in the “parade”. She woke up just as I was sending Meagan off for the evening. She was bummed.

Annie and I had our own prom date of dinner and dancing before heading home for the night.

What? You don’t break into spontaneous twirling after you finish a meal? Live it up a little!

Danielle, Sarah and Meagan before heading out for the evening. These girls have been running all over town this morning for hair and makeup appointments. It’s been fun watching them. Annie has been right in the middle of all of them. I’m pretty sure she thought that they were going to take her with them.

Mmmm! Chocolate bunny ears! Joe and Meagan had to work on Easter. Annie and I spent most of the day home by ourselves. They were home for dinner. We went for the very traditional Easter meal of grilled brats. 😉 Easter Day was the one nice day we have had thus far this spring. We are all itching to have some summer grilling going on around these parts.

Before the kids messed up the Easter Bunnies hard work.

And finally…Annie’s new favorite activity. Cups of shaving cream with a drop of food coloring and a paint brush. She stayed in the bath for over an hour this night. Annie doesn’t typically sit around and do one thing for an extended amount of time. She’s constantly moving from one thing to another. The water was getting colder and colder, but she was having fun.
Tomorrow Annie and I are headed to my Mom’s. We’re going to the Children’s Theater to see Pinkalicious. This is one of Annie’s favorite books and she is super excited. She had her outfit all picked out before she went to bed tonight. A pink tutu, of course!

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