It was a regular old day back in May. I was in the shower and felt a lump in my breast. It caught me off guard as it wasn’t something that I had ever noticed before. It wasn’t a small lump – somewhere between dime and nickle sized. I waited for a while and then called my doctor to have it checked out.
I went to his office, and was totally nervous. I had already been all over Google and knew that the odds of breast cancer were very very low. Even armed with that information, it didn’t matter. My heart was pounding, my voice was shaking and I was obviously nervous. The exam was quick. He felt the lump and stepped back from the table while telling me that I needed to be scheduled for a mammogram. He left, I got dressed and headed for the scheduling desk. The poor girl behind the desk was obviously on one of her first days on the job. She had someone sitting next to her showing her the computer system. I handed her my papers from my doctor, she responded with a date of my mammogram that was at the end of July. It was late May. I couldn’t help it. I started crying. I am not a crier, especially in situations like that. I usually hold it together pretty well. I explained that I had a lump could we PLEASE find a closer date. She looked horrified that I was standing in front of her crying. She stumbled over her words telling me that she was searching for routine mammogram dates, that yes, there were dates that were closer and that she was so sorry. She felt bad, and I felt like and idiot. My mammogram appointment was June 10th.
My mammogram came back clear, nothing showed up at all. Not even the lump that I (and my doctor) could so obviously see and feel. I talked to him about my results and he sent me to speak with a surgeon. The surgeon’s opinion was that the lump needed to come out. Now.
Yesterday morning I had a lumpectomy on my left breast. The procedure itself was not bad. It lasted about 20 or 25 minutes and he actually found a smaller second lump behind the first. I have several internal stitches and am steri-stripped and bandaged up pretty well. I’m red and bruised around the bandage. There is some pain, but it is manageable.
The surgeon called me this afternoon. I do not have breast cancer but rather two benign cysts. I can now go back to my regularly scheduled life. Thank God.


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  1. angie
    Jun 23, 2011 @ 13:40:22



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