Connie and Dave sitting in a tree


This is the summer that Annie learned that she loves weddings. She loves dancing with the kids, drinking ice water from fancy wine and champagne glasses and getting to stay up way past her bedtime. Annie and I attended the wedding of my former boss. We had a great time, and I was so glad to get to meet old co-workers who live all over the country.


This wedding screamed Connie. great music, splashes of pink and flamingos everywhere and lots of laughing…it was perfect.


If you look close you can see Annie’s feet with her pink boa inside the photo booth. If she would have been allowed, she would have spent much more time in there trying on different costumes and taking picture after picture.



We had a lot of fun. I would have liked to have been able to stay later and watch everyone get their 80’s dance party groove on, but unfortunately we had a long drive home and 4th of July festivities planned.

Kim, I know you pop your head over here once in a while…I had a lot of fun meeting you, Jenny and Alex. I hope that you enjoyed your time in Minnesota and that you were able to squeeze in a little time at the Mall of America and that the indoor roller coaster didn’t disappoint.

Connie and Dave, thank you for including me and Annie in your celebration. We had a blast. May you live Happily Ever After.


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