Everyone loves a parade


Meagan is a seasoned pro at being in local parades. Parade season is short for color guard but it is packed full. Meagan is gone every weekend often doing more than one parade in a day. 4th of July wraps up the marching season and is especially busy. On Sunday our town puts on the 3rd of July parade. Of course Meagan was in the parade. We usually sit along the sidewalk and watch her, but this particular parade was different.


Annie got to be in the parade too! She was so excited to be able to ride in Joe’s employers float. She made new friends and sat some of the time, but walked quite a bit too. She passed out frisbees, posters, can coolers, ice pops and candy and loved every minute of it.



Today was a parade in a neighboring town and fireworks this evening. It was HOT out today. We sat outside and waited for Meagan to march by. Annie loves seeing her sister. She’s so funny to watch. She stands next to the curb jumping up and down yelling, “Meagan! Meagan! Hi Meagan! Over here Meagan!” Meagan isn’t allowed to engage with the crowd while marching so she can’t acknowledge Annie. The poor girl thinks that Meagan can’t hear her, so she keeps yelling and jumping up and down until Meagan has passed.

Waiting for Meagan to walk past us.

Here they come!

Marching season is short, and today was the last parade of the season for Meagan. She likes color guard but I’d be willing to bet that she’s looking forward to being able to sleep in on the weekends.


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