It’s raining, it’s pouring

Annie and I were Target, we could hear the rain pouring down and the thunder booming. We decided to spend more time in there than usual waiting for the rain to pass but it was relentless. Running from the store to the car in the rain is miserable for anyone but when you are a parent that has to stand outside while strapping your kid into a car seat, it’s worse. So we waited.

We walked around for a while and were eventually stopped by a khaki and red employee warning shoppers that sections of the interstate were closing due to flooding. Luckily we needed to head in the opposite direction of the flooding but decided that we should wrap up our shopping trip and brave the sprint to the car and head home. Annie thought running through the rain was fabulous. In my attempt to stay as dry as possible I threw Annie into the back seat, crawled in behind her and slammed the door. After she was strapped I decided I would crawl into the driver seat. That was so much easier to do when I was 6, but I did it.

We headed home the wipers going as fast as they could, the rain pouring down, the whole time knowing that I would find flooding upon our arrival at home.


We made it home, left our purchases in the car and high tailed it into the house where we stripped down and changed into jammies to prepare for our evening dance party. I got Annie situated and went out to see the water and move things around so the didn’t float away.


See those weeds sticking up? That’s because it was already soggy back there and we couldn’t mow that part of the lawn.


Sigh. This happens every time we get heavy rains. Our house and the neighbors on each side are sitting below street level. Every year the city comes through and adds more gravel to the alley to fill the pot holes from the winter and over time doing so has made it so our yards don’t drain properly. Additionally another neighbor has done a ton of crappy landscaping and totally changed the drainage flow. It’s frustrating. We have a pump and we pump it out when the flooding is excessive.

This morning Joe started pumping to find that our pump hose has several holes. Yay! Perfect timing! He was headed to work, so he had to leave it and it’s been pumping with the holes this morning.


Swimming party at our house!


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