And then the humidity dropped and we could breathe again.

So while Meagan and Annie were at the zoo getting the bejeebers scared out of Annie I stayed home to weed the garden. And it needed it. Bad. I’m not going to say how long it’s been since it’s been weeded because that would, you know, bring attention to my laziness but I am going to point out that a) it was raining b) we were flooded c) mosquitoes LOVE rainy flooded stuff c)it was like a bazillion degrees outside with at least half a bazillion percent humidity. Give a lazy girl a break would ya?

It wasn’t until I had already started that I thought maybe I should document the mess that was the garden.


I sat out there and pulled weeds all around me. It actually wasn’t bad. The mosquitoes and I had established a no fly/no squish zone so everyone was happy. My neighbor came over and chatted for a bit and I made a lot of progress.

We are only growing a few things this year. We’ve got tomatoes




watermelon – we’ve never been successful with melons. Hopefully this is the year it’ll happen.


We also have zucchini, cucumber, peppers, onions and basil.

Last but not least there are Annie’s sunflowers. These things tower over the rest of the garden, they are huge – at least 8 feet tall. Gigantic. They are just starting to really bloom and Annie has been having a blast looking out the window each morning to see if there are any new blooms.



And the biggest leaves I’ve ever seen.


After an hour and a half or so I was done. It looks a million times better. Now, if I can just keep up with it this time.


I know I still need to sweep the sidewalk. Hello! I’m lazy, remember?!?!


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