It’s hard to be brave.

Everyone had the day free today so we piled in the car and headed to Como Zoo in St. Paul. We haven’t been there since spring of last year so we decided we’d make a day of it. The weather was perfect for hanging around outside.


We started on the carousel. Annie tells anyone who will listed that she is brave. The truth is that she’s a chicken. She is definitely different than the rest of us in that she doesn’t enjoy spinning, being upside down, amusement park rides, or most things of that nature. She loves horses though. She was sure that she wanted to ride the carousel. I bought tickets for the four of us, we waited in line watching her nervous smile as she watched the kids before her ride. I could almost hear her telling herself to be brave. Just as it was our turn to enter she decided that she didn’t want to ride a horse after all. She wanted to sit in the sleigh. We sat together and she had fun. She was yelling to Meagan behind us and Joe in front of us asking if they were having fun.


When our ride was over she was full of smiles and said that she had fun. That’s all that matters right? We then walked over to the zoo entrance and spent a couple of hours walking around, eating popcorn while watching a farm animal show…just hanging out together.



On our way back to the car we passed the carousel again. We decided to ride one more time, again Annie was sure she was going to be brave and ride a “little horse”. We bought tickets, waited our turn in line and when the gate opened she walked around looking for the perfect horse. Her nervous smile was present the entire time we were waiting for the ride to begin.


She wanted to love it. She really did.


Annie was brave – she stayed on the horse the entire ride. She was nervous right up until the very end. But as the ride slowed down, she allowed a smile to peek out and my brave girl declared that she wanted to come back and ride again another day.


It was a good day.


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