sisters, sidewalk chalk and seeds


I know, I know it’s a really bad picture BUT it’s a picture of Lauren. My baby sister has left Texas and moved home to Minnesota. She arrived today and we’re happy to have her home with us. Never in a million years would I think a girl from Texas would make her first stop in MN at Taco John’s but she loves it…why I will never know.

We spent the evening in the front yard coloring with sidewalk chalk and playing freeze tag. We ran around the yard until the street lights came on, just like when we were kids. It was a really fun night.



And a couple random pictures thrown in of the bird(s) that have decided that the sunflowers are their 24 hour seed buffet. The picture is bad – it’s take from my kitchen through the glass and the screen. Many times during the day there are 4 or 4 of them at a time out there with several more watching from the power lines above. They hang upside down from the flowers and are fun to watch.





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