We woke up at 4am and were out the door by 5:15 to make the drive to Ames, Iowa for Meagan’s campus visit that started at 8am. It was a full day of meeting with different admissions members, faculty advisors, presentations, lunch, campus tours, dorm room tours, and then a final tour out to the Animal Science area to meet with two current students who showed us around and told us about the program. We drove past the Poultry Science barns and I thought of my Grandpa.

Actually, I thought of him a lot today as I was walking through old buildings, and up winding staircases trying to picture him in these same halls. I thought of him even more as we passed thorough central campus and saw the animal science department with their big barrel smokers and grills preparing massive amounts of food for the students and staff. It is homecoming week at Iowa State and everywhere we turned was swarming with excitement and ISU sweatshirts. I hope he is as proud of Meagan as I am.


It is Homecoming week at Iowa State. I find humor that Iowa State is playing Texas A&M which happens to be the first college that Meagan was accepted to as a high school student while we were living in Corpus Christie.


It was a good day.


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