What have we been up to?

Well for starters, we haven’t been shoveling snow that’s for sure. MN has had the craziest winter I can ever remember. I think the high today was somewhere around 50 degrees. There isn’t a patch of snow in sight, the tags are still attached to the snow pants that I bought Annie, and I’m not sure that they will fit her next year. Of course there is still a good chance that she will get the opportunity to use them this year. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. It’s just very odd.

The lack of snow and subzero temps didn’t make losing our heat any easier. We woke one morning last week to find our house hovering around 50 degrees. Of course it happened on one of the colder days we have had this winter and also on a day that Joe was going to be gone most of the day. He had to leave before he could figure out exactly what the problem was. Because I work from home I didn’t have the option of heading to “the office” to warm up. Even Charlie was cold.

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Joe had the furnace back up and running shortly after returning home that evening and everyone was happy again.

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Annie has fully recovered from her surgery. However, it seems as though we didn’t get quite the results we were hoping for. She still snores and wakes several times a night. I don’t know if her waking is due to apnea episodes or out of habit. However, because she is still snoring, I’m not quite ready to chalk it up to habit quite yet. This picture was taken at about 1 am a couple of nights ago. It was the 2nd time she had woken up that night. We go back to her doctor in a couple of weeks to decide how to proceed.

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Joe and Meagan went back to school today and Annie goes back to school tomorrow. It’s been nice having every one home more often than they are when classes are in session. Meagan is still working 2 jobs and going to school. Her job at Herberger’s is seasonal and will only last a couple more weeks. She’s got a packed class schedule so it’ll be good for her to cut back on work a little bit.


Annie continues to make us laugh with her crazy antics and afternoon dance party sessions. (Click on the link above to see her channeling her inner Ke$sha)


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