So Annie was a little weirded out by the googly eyes in the fridge yesterday, but she thought it was funny. I haven’t talked at all about April Fool’s Day so she was totally confused when she went in looking for breakfast. She kept referring to the day as “Tricking Day” so I think she got the jest of it. I didn’t do anything mean – just made some fun food items.

Snack was a little bowl of grapes and cheese cut into teddy bear shapes. Her glass of “juice” was actually jello with a straw inserted. She thought it was really funny to give this to her Dad to trick him too.

The weather was beautiful yesterday so we were outside mowing the lawn, cleaning up the garage a little bit and pulling out the patio furniture and outside toys that have been stored for winter.

Dinner was meatloaf “cupcakes” with pink mashed potato “frosting”.

Before going to bed Annie asked several times if the googly eyes would be gone in the morning. I admit, they were kind of creepy.


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