She’s orientated!

The University of Minnesota received 38,000 applications for 5,300 available spots in the class of 2016. Meagan is one of them.

Meagan, Joe and I spent 2 days on the U of M campus for Meagan’s freshman orientation. The days were filled with several seminars full of information that we probably won’t remember in a couple of months when it comes time to move her into the dorm.

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The good news is that she’s all registered for her classes. She’s still tinkering with her schedule but I think she’s registered for 15 credits right now. She’ll be taking Orientation to Animal Science, Chemical Principles, Animals and Society, Animal Nutrition, and Biology. She’s also decided to try out for color guard. Oh to be young again and have all that energy.


The orientation was split between two days and we really didn’t see much of Meagan. The students were separated into groups according to their major and encouraged to begin to get to know each other. It was a long couple of days, but it was informative and we’re now just a little more prepared to ship her off to school in the fall.


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