Hey stranger – Long time no see!

This is the time of year that I curl up in the corner of my living room with my laptop and a steady supply of Diet Coke and work. A lot. As most of you know work in the online retail world, from home, and this is the busiest time of year for us. Things will calm down soon. Well, work will slow down, but I’m sure life will keep my busy. It seems there’s always something going on.

I’ll do my best to recap since my last post. We spent a lot of time here:

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Annie has struggled since birth with digestive issues. It’s something that we’ve seen specialist after specialst for and had test after test to try and figure out what is going on with her. Basically it comes down to her having 2 deformities of the intestines/colon and a slow transit colon. In a nutshell, she suffers greatly from constipation. Her symptoms are something that no 5 year old should have to go through. We met with a surgeon and she’s going to have a couple of procedures done after the new year. One of the procedures involves Botox to the colon.

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Meagan came home from college for Thanksgiving and Annie hardly left her side. She misses her sister so much and often asks when Meagan will be home again. Meagan will be home next week for a month and Annie is SO excited.

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This is Alice – she recently joined our family.

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It finally snowed in Minnesota and Annie went sledding for the first time. 5 may seem old to never have gone sledding before, but believe it or not, despite all of her wild and crazy antics, until very recently she was never a fan of motion activities. She was terrified of swinging especially and the couple of times Joe had pulled her around our yard – she wasn’t a fan of the sensation. She’s been working since early last spring at “being brave” and has really made great strides. She LOVED sledding.

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Which brings us to recently. We’re getting ready for Christmas. Annie has made her list for Santa – although we haven’t visited the big man yet. Maybe that’ll get done this weekend. We’ll see. I love this stage that Annie is in. She totally understands the concept of Santa and she is a complete believer. She reminds Joe and I that Santa is watching – she asked me the other day, “Where did he put the cameras in our house anyway?”

So that’s the update from this end. Thanks to the 5 of you that continue to check in on us. I’m sorry I’m a lousy blogger. 😉


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