Dollar Store and Santa

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Annie visited Santa this year. For a few weeks leading up to Christmas she consistently asked for a new American Girl doll, a bunk bed for the dolls that she already has, and a new scooter. But on this day, in true Annie fashion she threw all of those ideas aside and named off several things that she’d never mentioned before…the biggy being a REAL unicorn. Well, okay then. 🙂 Despite not finding a real unicorn under the tree she was happy to see that Santa had paid attention to her previous requests. However the biggest hit was a Cinderella carriage and doll from her Grandma.

When Meagan was a little girl I started a silly tradition of taking her to the Dollar Store and turning her loose to pick out whatever gift she wanted to buy for me and Joe. It quickly became one of our favorite traditions and one that I have carried on with Annie. This was the first year that she really got into picking out something all on her own and it was so funny to watch her search for and select what she thought was going to be the perfect gift.

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She first picked out a foam sword for Joe but later ended up putting it back in favor a a Batman washcloth that she was sure was perfect for him. She also picked out a bottle of VO5 mango conditioner for Meagan because “orange is her favorite color” but later ended up putting that back too when a magic wand caught her eye. When Meagan arrived home from school she took her shopping and I am now the proud owner of a floral coaster for my side table. She also picked out another present for Joe – this most awesome rhinoceros snow globe.

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Meagan has been home from school since right before Christmas. She’ll be home until January 19th. As expected Annie loves having her home and tries to spend as much time with her as possible. They’ve gone sledding several times, watched movies, and basically are just spending a lot of time together. Meagan has even been the recipient of an Annie makeover. 🙂 I’m not going to lie, it’s a nice break for me to have someone entertain Annie for a while.

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