March 9 2013 006

Annie had surgery in January. It was a same day procedure on her lower intestine. I don’t talk about it all of the time but we’re still dealing with issues with her and trying to figure out what is the best course of action to take. The surgery was not successful, we’re still dealing with the same issues that we were before she had the surgery. We will be visiting her doctor at Mayo before too much longer to determine where we go from here. Unfortunately he is out of the country for several weeks taking care of a family matter. As soon as he gets back, we’ll probably be heading that way again.

March 9 2013 007

She’s had a pretty rough winter health wise – she’s had the flu, an overnight stay in the ER for dehydration and a staph infection in her nose just to name a few. We’re still dealing with her asthma, which thankfully seems to be under control. This time between winter and spring has historically been her hardest time in regards to her asthma – it’s the time of year that pneumonia usually creeps in on her. We’re meeting with her doctor next week and hope to get a jump start on some of her seasonal meds to try and keep any more sickness at bay.

There have been plenty of good things happening though. Annie is thriving in her last year of Pre-K. She looks forward to going every day, she’s had stellar reports from her teachers and is looking forward to kindergarten in the fall. Her spring pictures came home last week and I can’t believe how grown up she looks compared to the first day of preschool several years ago. She looked like such a baby.

First day of Preschool

March 9 2013 149

So that brings us to now…

March 9 2013 152

She’s all registered for kindergarten. She will go to the same elementary school that I went to when I was her age. I can’t even begin to imagine how it is going to walk her into that building in a few short months.


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