Field Trip

March 2013 053

The school year is winding down which means it’s time for those end of the year field trips. We’ve been zoo members for several years but there is something different and a little more special when you get to load into a bus with your brown bag lunch and head off for the day with your best friends.

March 2013 044


You might recognize the other blonde in the phone from our day of bowling a month or so ago. Annie and Ariel have been in the same preschool class since they were 2 1/2 years old. They were also in the same dance class this year. They were fast friends and are always happy to spend time together.

March 2013 042

Sadly Ariel’s family has moved out of the school district and these girls won’t be heading to kindergarten together in the fall. They are still close and because the girls are the same age and this is a small town we’re hopeful that they will be in the same activities as time progresses.

March 2013 039

On this day though, they were just happy to be fabulous together.

March 2013 028


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