Rays vs. Diamondbacks

Summer 2013 iPhone 128

It’s the game we’ve been looking forward to all season. Annie has 2 best friends – Hunter and Kari. Kari lives across the street from us and she and Annie are on the same Tball team. Hunter has made an appearance a few times on the blog and has been Annie’s right hand friend since the 2 of them met in their 3 year old preschool class. Hunter’s Mom and Kari’s Mom work together, and we are all friends – so this was THE game of the season. Annie and Kari spent the days leading up to the game worried that Hunter would be mad if their team won. Honestly, I’m sure Hunter never gave it a second thought. Summer 2013 iPhone 211

Summer 2013 iPhone 206

Summer 2013 iPhone 207

Summer 2013 iPhone 208

Summer 2013 iPhone 209

Annie the 1st baseman and Hunter the runner. He was so funny – I don’t think he realized that Annie was the baseman and after he hit the ball and was running toward the base he realized that Annie was in front of him. He yelled out, “Hi Annie!” as he ran towards her.

Summer 2013 iPhone 212

In the end, the Diamondbacks were victorious in a 20-15 win against the Rays. There were no hard feelings, everyone is still friends and we celebrated with pizza after the game.Summer 2013 iPhone 213


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