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This is what July looks like (so far)



There were Fourth of July parades to watch:
July 2013 iphone 065

July 2013 iphone 067

July 2013 iphone 071

July 2013 iphone 075

Trucks to fix with Dad

July 2013 iphone 078

BBQ to eat

July 2013 iphone 080

Birthdays to celebrate

July 2013 iphone 081

July 2013 iphone 082

And lots and lots of time spent at the pool with friends soaking up as much sun as we can.

July 2013 iphone 087

July 2013 iphone 110

July 2013 iphone 114

July 2013 iphone 116

July 2013 iphone 117

Neighborhood stores to save from evil doers

July 2013 iphone 123

And a Tball regular season to finish up. (We’re headed to the playoffs on Wednesday.)

July 2013 iphone 144

July 2013 iphone 147

July 2013 iphone 148

It was a dark and stormy night…

 photo null-25.jpg

And I spent the overnight hours walking up and down the street and pacing back and forth from the front of the house to the back of the house watching the water rise. We’ve had flooding before, but it’s never been this bad. We spent several days pumping water from the back and this weekend in an attempt to clean up the mess left behind in the garage.

Unlike some of my neighbors, our house and basement were spared, and I am very thankful for that.

 photo null-24.jpg

 photo null-20.jpg

 photo null-17.jpg

 photo null-16.jpg

A week later and we are still drying out.

 photo null-43.jpg

 photo null-42.jpg

Progress is being made but it’s slow going. But in the end, these are just “things” and we are all fine. That’s all that matters

Rays vs. Diamondbacks

Summer 2013 iPhone 128

It’s the game we’ve been looking forward to all season. Annie has 2 best friends – Hunter and Kari. Kari lives across the street from us and she and Annie are on the same Tball team. Hunter has made an appearance a few times on the blog and has been Annie’s right hand friend since the 2 of them met in their 3 year old preschool class. Hunter’s Mom and Kari’s Mom work together, and we are all friends – so this was THE game of the season. Annie and Kari spent the days leading up to the game worried that Hunter would be mad if their team won. Honestly, I’m sure Hunter never gave it a second thought. Summer 2013 iPhone 211

Summer 2013 iPhone 206

Summer 2013 iPhone 207

Summer 2013 iPhone 208

Summer 2013 iPhone 209

Annie the 1st baseman and Hunter the runner. He was so funny – I don’t think he realized that Annie was the baseman and after he hit the ball and was running toward the base he realized that Annie was in front of him. He yelled out, “Hi Annie!” as he ran towards her.

Summer 2013 iPhone 212

In the end, the Diamondbacks were victorious in a 20-15 win against the Rays. There were no hard feelings, everyone is still friends and we celebrated with pizza after the game.Summer 2013 iPhone 213

Summertime and the livin is easy…

Well, maybe not all of it has been easy. If you’re reading this from around Minnesota you’ll know that we’ve had more rainy days than sunny days. We happen to live on a block that sustains flooding every time there is heavy rain. We’re lucky that our house sits higher than the lower part of our back lot so it doesn’t flood, but it’s a pain nonetheless. Summer 2013 iPhone 153

Summer 2013 iPhone 154

We’ve been keeping busy as much as possible. Annie is in swimming lessons and Tball. We also hit the library a couple of times a week for the summer reading program, story hour,  arts and crafts day and some other events that they have happening during the week. Our town is small and we don’t have a lot (or any) of the things that the “big city” has, but I do give them enormous credit for their kids summer programs. If you wanted, you could go to some kind of event somewhere in the city almost every single day and 99% of them are free. We’re taking advantage of as many things as we can.Summer 2013 iPhone 156

Summer 2013 iPhone 158

This was story time and Arts and crafts day at the library. Later the same day Meagan brought her back to the library for a magic show – no pictures though.Summer 2013 iPhone 159

This is a very good representation of what Annie looks like at the end of each day. You can tell how successful a day was by how dirty the bath water is each evening.Summer 2013 iPhone 161

Annie has a definite preference for shorter hair. As soon as it starts getting longer, she starts complaining. So – a new haircut and dinner out with Mom was in order last week.
Summer 2013 iPhone 170

Summer 2013 iPhone 177

She’s trying to master the monkey bars on her swing set here at home, but so far success eludes her. We were at a graduation open house for a friend of our family and Annie was thrilled that she could do this glide thing all on her own. All she had to do was jump off the ledge and hang on. Summer 2013 iPhone 181

Summer 2013 iPhone 182

The slide seems to have gotten the best of her though. 🙂Summer 2013 iPhone 183

Summer 2013 iPhone 184

Summer 2013 iPhone 185

Summer 2013 iPhone 186

Summer 2013 iPhone 203

Our plan is to spend as many days at the pool as the weather will allow. We’ve had ONE…yes, ONE day that was nice enough to spend the afternoon at the pool. Here’s hoping that the rest of the summer’s weather will be more cooperative. This is Annie and Kasen – he lives across the street and we spend A LOT of time with him and his sister Kari and their parents.Summer 2013 iPhone 205

Another day at the library. A local reptile zoo brought a few animals for the kids to check out. Annie was so excited to touch the snake. Me?…not so much. It’s a good thing I was in charge of getting the photo evidence. 😉Summer 2013 iPhone 217

Summer 2013 iPhone 218

The girl has no front teeth and two missing on the bottom as well, but she’s not letting it slow her down. No teeth? No problem.

Summer 2013 iPhone 222Here’s hoping that you all are enjoying your summer thus far and keeping busy. The 4th of July is just around the corner. It won’t be long and I’ll be sending Meagan back for her 2nd year at the U of MN and Annie off to kindergarten. Time sure flies!

Swimming lessons

All last summer Annie wanted to jump off the diving board at the pool. The problem is that during normal pool hours, floatation devices are not allowed. Annie *thinks* she is a strong swimmer, but unfortunately her skill level is not quite as high as her confidence. This summer she is old enough to take swimming lessons at the pool and the last 5 minutes of each lesson the kids are allowed to jump off the board with their noodles. Annie was SO excited.

She just finished up the first week of her summer lessons and she’s doing great. She can swim well enough on her own to get by, but we’re hoping that she’ll gain some skills to become a stronger swimmer.

Two wheeled wonder


She’s been hesitant to let us take the training wheels off her bike. We’ve had a few trial runs but it always ended in tears and frustration. Today Annie received a new to her bike that came without training wheels. It was time to learn. She hopped on and was tooling up and down the block in less than 30 minutes. She is SO proud of herself.

Play Ball!


Tonight was Annie’s first TBall practice which can only mean one thing – summer is here. This is her first year playing and she was nervous that she didn’t know how to play, but she had fun.


She stood in the field and yelled to me “Mom, this is fun!” a couple of times. She hit the ball, ran the bases and spent some time outfield. She’s still very unsure what to do when the ball comes her way but the good news is that very few of the kids around her know what to do either.


Really, there is nothing cuter than watching a bunch of 5 and 6 year olds chasing balls and running bases like they’re in the major leagues.


He would have been 57 years old yesterday.

He’s been gone for many more years than I ever knew him alive. I can’t picture what his face looked like in person, only what I’ve seen in photographs. I have no idea what his voice sounded like. There is no relationship with his side of the family. Once he was gone, only my mom ever spoke of him again on a regular basis while everyone else went on with their lives and most never gave us a second thought. There were no stories about what he was like as baby, his first day of kindergarten, first lost tooth, first girlfriend, how his parents felt leading up to his wedding day, or how they reacted on the day he told them they were grandparents, aunts or uncles. These are things I’ll never know. It’s still unbelievable to me to think that there is an entire side of my family that I don’t know and only a handful that I would recognize if I passed them on the street. It’s sad really. Thirty-two years is a long time to wonder why you weren’t good enough.

Preschool Graduation

 photo 945153_10201311547060457_92145817_n.jpg

Kindergarten here she comes!

 photo 947106_10201311547340464_1080529107_n.jpg

It was definitely a bittersweet day at our house. While we’re so excited to move on to kindergarten in the fall, it’s a reminder of just how fast time flies. It doesn’t seem all that long ago that I was sending Meagan off for her first day of kindergarten. I know all too well just how fast it really goes.

 photo 935386_10201311547820476_1948190662_n.jpg

Annie had a FABULOUS year. We loved the program and her teachers were excellent. She is beyond ready to start school in the fall. I have no doubt that she’s going to do excellent.

 photo 553705_10201311624022381_1631955843_n.jpg

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