Regarding Mother’s Day

This letter is floating around Facebook right now, and it says pretty much exactly what I want to tell my own children.  So, since Mary Carpenter has done so well in saying what I would, here goes:


So I’ve decided to be proactive and tell my kids what I want for mother’s day. Here it is:

What I Want for Mother’s Day

Dear Children,

Mother’s Day is coming up, and I thought I should tell you what I want. This way there’s no guilty panic or last minute purchasing of flowers at the closest gas station. So, this is what I want, this year and every year after; it’s pretty simple really.

I want you to be a decent human being.

I want you to be who you are, but don’t be an asshole.

I want you to work hard at everything you do, because life is too short not to give it everything you’ve got.

I want you to ask for help when you need it.

I want you to help others when they need it.

I want you to learn how to cook, do your own laundry, pay your bills and know how to clean a bathroom.

When you screw up, and you will, more than once, I want you to own it, because it’s the screw-ups that make the victories sweeter.

I want you to travel, because the world is huge and you are one part of it.

I want you to know that even when we hate each other, I will never stop loving you.

I want you to play nicely with others.

I want you to feed your curiosity.

I want you to find a way to do what you love, and realize that that might look different than you originally thought.

I want you to respect every human being’s right to be who they are.

I want you to sometimes be more interested in someone else than in yourself.

I want you to know that you are flawed and you are extraordinary. There is no one else like you.

I want you to know that I would lay down my life for you.

I want you to realize how lucky you are every once in awhile even if only for an instant.

I want you to know love, even if it means getting hurt.

I want you to relax and not feel guilty about it.

I want you to know life can be brutally hard sometimes.

I want you to know that you can choose happiness even when the dark side offers you cookies.

See, simple.








I talk a lot on here about how great I think my kids are and the things they accomplish, but I need to take a minute to brag about Joe. Joe has been in school for the past two years where he has maintained a 4.0 GPA and will graduate with honors in a few weeks. During this time he’s also been working the overnight shift and then heading straight to school after work. He leaves the house at midnight a minimum of 5, but more often 6 nights a week,  and arrives home just before dinner.  We see him for a little more than an hour a day. On his days off, he’s been working hard on projects around the house. He is always tired, but he doesn’t complain much. I want everyone to know just how proud I am of him.  March 2013 076

Annie’s view

March 2013 067


This kid continues to crack us up on a daily basis.

The other day I was going through my phone photos and found close to 100 photos and videos that Annie had taken. I don’t know if she took them all in one day, or over several days but I got a good laugh out of the things that she thought were photo worthy. I had several pictures of the TV screen, the cat, shoes, backpacks and various body parts.  Apparently these are a few of her favorite things…


March 2013 107


March 2013 106


March 2013 105


March 2013 103


March 2013 099


March 2013 091

March 2013 090

Out with the old…





March 2013 078


We’ve been working hard around here lately. Several projects are underway and the house is in chaos but it will be worth it in the end. Joe has a very busy schedule so we fit in projects where we can. Our city was offering a spring clean up day where items could be brought to the landfill for no charge so we knew that we had to work fast to take advantage of all that we were going to need to get rid of.


March 2013 077


The carpet in the living room has been ripped up. Over the past couple of weeks we’ve already repainted the kitchen, stained the cupboards and replaced the hardware, replaced the dishwasher and have also replaced the floor in the kitchen and another room in the house.  Last weekend we ripped out the old countertops and installed new ones and installed new ones. We still have the backsplash left to do and some lighting above the sink to switch out. It’s a lot of work but will be worth it when all is said and done.


March 2013 111


The truck was FULL of demolition debris to haul to the transfer station.

March 2013 114


Once a year in the spring, the city has a community wide clean up day where you are allowed to bring your items free of charge. This was the line when we arrived at 10:00 am.

March 2013 115


Like I said in my last post, what a difference a week makes in Minnesota weather. Last week was coats and snow boots and the weekend was warm enough for shorts. Go figure. Annie was digging wearing Joe’s safety glasses.

March 2013 119


We came home and immediately got to work installing the countertops.


March 2013 118


March 2013 120


And then the sink.


March 2013 121


March 2013 125

We aren’t finished yet, but I’ll be sure to post pictures when we’re all done.












At this rate she isn’t going to have any teeth in her mouth when she goes to school in the fall. Annie has now lost 5 teeth.
March 2013 084

March 2013 089

Spring in Minnesota decided to take it’s sweet old time arriving this year. The above photo was taken less than a week ago. One week later and temps were in the 70’s and everyone spent the weekend outside.

March 2013 086

Because winter drug on so long we were running out of activities to keep ourselves entertained indoors. We decided this this was the perfect time to set Annie up with her first Lego set.
March 2013 087

She was happy to build these couple of things by following the directions in the booklet that came with the set, but has since decided that she would rather build her own thing her own way. 🙂 That’s my girl. 

Field Trip

March 2013 053

The school year is winding down which means it’s time for those end of the year field trips. We’ve been zoo members for several years but there is something different and a little more special when you get to load into a bus with your brown bag lunch and head off for the day with your best friends.

March 2013 044


You might recognize the other blonde in the phone from our day of bowling a month or so ago. Annie and Ariel have been in the same preschool class since they were 2 1/2 years old. They were also in the same dance class this year. They were fast friends and are always happy to spend time together.

March 2013 042

Sadly Ariel’s family has moved out of the school district and these girls won’t be heading to kindergarten together in the fall. They are still close and because the girls are the same age and this is a small town we’re hopeful that they will be in the same activities as time progresses.

March 2013 039

On this day though, they were just happy to be fabulous together.

March 2013 028

It’s April 12th in Minnesota

And still snowing. Annie pretty much summed up how we’re all feeling.



Winter is finally winding to an end here in southern Minnesota however it’s still pretty wet and muddy outside. We’re longing for sunny days and warm sunshine. Soon…hopefully.



A couple of friends and I decided to take the kids bowling. Living in a small town, our options for indoor entertainment are limited, but thankfully our bowling alley has family sessions on Sundays. It’s a nice change from Burger King play area and hotel swimming.






Ariel, Hunter and Annie have been friends since they were 3 years old and were in the same preschool class. It’s been fun watching them grow up over the last couple of years. Next year Hunter and Annie will go to the same school but unfortunately Ariel lives in a different school zone.






There is a reason they call it “The Happiest Place on Earth”. As soon as I cross through the tunnel and onto Main Street, I just feel happy. The only place that even comes close to giving me that same feeling is standing on the shore of the Pacific Ocean. If moving to the west coast were an option, I would be there in a second. Maybe one day…




March 9 2013 196


The girls and I spent last week at Disneyland. It was almost perfect. The crowds were low because spring break season hadn’t officially started yet. It was just a really nice time away with my girls.

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